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Future Lightings has been at the forefront of the LED revolution with a large range of energy saving products marketed in all over India.

Our product list is extensive covering Architectural, Industrial and Home Lighting Segments with products such as LED Street lights,Flood lights and High bay lights.

As the world faces an energy crises, governments and individuals are looking to replace all conventional light sources like CFC, metal halides, halogen into LED lighting. Highly customizable LED products coupled with benefits of multifold increase in product lifetime compared to Conventional lighting are available for a variety of Applications like down lights, spot lights, panel lights and tube lights for homes and offices, highbays, flood lights and tube lights for factories and warehouses , and industrial LED lights in hazardous locations like Oil and Gas and factories and warehouses that have hazardous areas. These come with stringent IP protection, i.e., ingress protection rated at IP 66 and 67.

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  • 75% Less Energy Consumption
  • No Toxic Effect
  • 25 Times Longer Life
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Low Electricity Bills
  • Instant On And Off
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Extremely Durable

LED Jargon

Light Emitting Diodes are semiconductor devices that produce visible light when an electrical current is passed through them.